Eli Connelly

Engineering Manager / Android Developer

Android development has been my professional focus since 2012 starting at SoundHound. Since then I have moved through a senior role into an engineering management role. In that time, I have worked on widely used apps that have been downloaded a total of about 65 million times. Almost a million of those downloads have been with my personal app.
Imgur, San Francisco — Android Engineering Manager
September 2015 - August 2018
Managed a team of 3 full time engineers and 1 contractor
Helped set schedules, priorities, and determine the direction of the Android app
Provided consistent, actionable feedback to upper management and direct reports in the form of 1-on-1 meetings and reviews
Advised on architectural decisions with the app
Helped design and implement backend services that delivered necessary data for both Android and iOS apps
Wrote a simple framework in Kotlin to help migrate analytics to a new system
Developed a prototype of video trimming and upload using Android's built-in video muxer
Imgur, San Francisco — Senior Android Developer
June 2015 - September 2015
Joined soon after the release of Imgur's first native Android app to help update and refactor
Worked with the team to rewrite major portions of the app including integration of Retrofit, Glide, and RxJava
Overhauled the video playback system for better caching and streaming playback using the ExoPlayer library
Took apart a major section of the app, refactored it, and put it back together in a more modular way without major rewrites
Worked with the backend team to create a config file that change how the app works without doing new releases
Updated our in-house A/B test system to use the server config for live test changes
Integrated ads into the app and implemented our A/B test system with server config to allow for on-the-fly changes to ads without doing a new release
Integrated the ads A/B test config into a debug sidebar to allow management to test changes on their personal devices
Worked with the backend team to develop the Android-specific portions of a notification system using NodeJS
Helped grow the app from 1 million downloads to over 14 million by the time I left
Helped the app receive Editor's Choice status on the Google Play Store
SoundHound, Santa Clara, CA — Android Developer
July 2012 - June 2015
Started at SoundHound as a QA manager with a team of 2 QA engineers
Moved into an Android development role where I helped with general maintenance of the app
Rewrote a major page of the app using a custom view with its own touch handling to provide a delightful user experience
Helped the app receive Editor's Choice status on the Google Play Store
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA — Bachelor of Science
August 2008 - May 2012
Graduated with a degree in international business
George Washington University, Washington, DC — Bachelor of Science (no degree)
August 1998 - May 1999
Attended computer science classes
Mimi ReaderMeme viewing/sharing app
June 2012 - PRESENT
I have used this project as a way to further my Android development skills without making big mistakes at work. It allows me to experiment and test ideas in a relatively safe environment.
Uses libraries like Retrofit, Glide, and ExoPlayer to implement its features
Available on the Google Play Store
Revenue Report StandardizationStandardized revenue reports written in Go
August 2018 - PRESENT
Standardizes revenue reports by advertising networks to help app and web developers understand their revenue better
Written in Go as a library with sample executable
Available on Github with a sample project
Engineering Management
Android Development
App Architecture
Java, Kotlin, Go